We are an independent brokerage that provides independent advice and the best options on the market.

Through our years of experience, we have found that the right coverage with the right options will protect your interests the best. Take the time to review your coverage options with our expert staff, with many locations to make it convenient for you. Can’t make it into our convenient locations during our hours? We can come to you and have you review your options.


Home Owners

They say “Quality of life actually begins at home, it is in your streets and in your community” (Charles Kennedy). Let us protect your quality of life with a policy that suits your home, from one of our locations in your community. There are additional coverages that can protect more than your physical property as well with coverages which include but not limited to service line coverage to cover the buried utilities in your yard, personal cyber protection to protect against digital threats, and/or liability. Go beyond the physical protection and ensure that you are completely protected.

Tenants Insurance

Often overlooked, however, it is becoming standard for landlords to require this type of coverage. Tenants insurance isn’t just about covering your contents, it is also about providing liability, or providing costs for temporary lodging if there is a claim that forces you from your apartment. With it being one of the most affordable coverages, there shouldn’t be a reason to not be covered if you are renting.

Seasonal Policy

A seasonal property is meant to be enjoyed and stress-free. It is also a property that doesn’t get used as much as your main residence and is vacant more often. With the many options available for coverage, consult with our agents to find the right coverage for your seasonal property.


Commercial Property

Brick and mortar buildings are the basis of most businesses in Canada. Allow us to protect and insure your building against multiple risks, as coverage extends well past just fire and theft. Let us sit down with you and review your coverages and customize a policy that suits your business. Plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Commercial Liability

Protect the business that you have built up, whether it is on your property or on the job site at a customer’s property. Liability will protect against claims of injury or property damage against your business. Have peace of mind when you operate your passion and your business.


With multiple offices located in rural Manitoba, and with the Ag community being a prominent lifeblood of these communities, our agents are well versed in Ag coverage. These policies require frequent attention as inventories, equipment, and coverages can change multiple times per year. Whether hail insurance needs to be added or changing equipment coverage, let us help you.


Whether you travel abroad, down south or explore our great nation, travel insurance will allow you to travel unencumbered. Medical emergencies can happen at any time, as illnesses and accidents can happen at a moment notice. Travel insurance will allow you to seek the help that you need without worrying about the bills associated with it, and if need be, get you back home quicker to seek attention. Even if you have pre-existing conditions, please let us know so we can find the best insurance for you. Don’t forget the trip cancellation and lost luggage options to account for most worst-case scenarios.

About Us

We are an independent brokerage with local ownership that is actively involved to ensure that our clientele receives the attention they deserve. Keystone Insurance Agencies, while the name is relatively new, it comes with the experience of the locations that joined together. Many of these locations come from multi-generational brokerages. We often are rewarded with stories from clients that their parents and even grandparents dealt with us, and we are honoured to continue to provide advice to their family for many years to come.

Being independent with local ownership is important to us, as we feel we can provide the best products and advice to our clientele. We look forward to continually advise and provide the best options to our current clients, and we welcome the opportunity to do the same for new clients as well.

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